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bail bondsmanIf you’ve been arrested and need help posting bail in Riviera Beach, FL, make Atlantic Bail Bonding your first choice. Our licensed bail bondsmen have been serving the local area for more than 30 years. We want to help you get out of jail as quickly as possible so you can return home. Call 561-659-0525 anytime, day or night, for bail assistance.

Your Get Out Of Jail Card

Can’t afford cash bail? Need to be at work on Monday morning? No worries! At Atlantic Bail Bonding, we know how expensive and stressful an arrest can be. We’ve handled bail bonds for countless customers during our 40+ years of business. Even a first time offense can cost serious money, and when you add in all the other expenses you’re facing, it can be overwhelming. You’ll have penalties, fees, the cost of a lawyer, and more. Even a second degree misdemeanor can end up costing you over $10,000 in the end.

Don’t worry about adding the cost of cash bail to that list. Bail prices can vary drastically depending on your individual situation, past offenses, your potential flight risk, and more. Cash bail, the amount you can pay in full, will be determined by your bail commissioner or judge, usually within 48 hours of your arrest. Hire a professional bail bondsman and you’ll only have to pay a small fraction of the cost of your cash bail.

It doesn’t matter what type of charges you were arrested on; we aren’t here to judge you. All we care about is getting you out of jail quickly and at a rate you can actually afford. We provide bail bond services for misdemeanor crimes and felony crime, including:

Don’t wait for days or weeks in jail while your friends and family try to find the money to bail you out. Make it easy by calling a trusted bail bondsman from Atlantic Bail Bonding. Our staff values your privacy, so we work with the utmost quality and integrity with every customer. For fast misdemeanor and felony bail bonds in Riviera Beach, FL, call 561-659-0525. We serve entire Riviera Beach, FL 33403, 33404, 33407, 33410, 33418, 33419.