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Bail BondsmanNo one wants to spend the night in the county jail. If you need help posting bail for a felony or misdemeanor, call Atlantic Bail Bonding at 561-659-0525. We provide 24-hour bail services so you don’t have to spend another day in jail.

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When you pay for someone’s services, you want them to know what they’re doing. You wouldn’t get an inexperienced repairman to fix your air conditioner. A bail bondsman is no different. To get the best service, you want someone who know the ins and outs of the Florida criminal justice system and bail process. The team at Atlantic Bail Bonding has been serving eastern, central, and southeastern Florida more more than four decades, so you can rest easy in choosing us. Local lawyers even recommend us to their clients.

Whether you were arrested and charged with simple trespassing or aggravated assault, our bail bondsmen are here to help. We provide bail bonds large and small, including bonds for:

Bail bond prices vary based on what the judge rules your cash bail to be. The bail commissioner will take into account several factors including the details of your arrest, flight risk, past record, danger to others, and more. Most counties have set prices for certain degrees of misdemeanors or felonies. However, these are subject to the judge’s discretion. The cost of cash bail can vary from a few dollars to several thousand dollars or more, and you must pay in order to get out of jail. This is where your local bail bondsman can help.

Don’t let the cost of bail keep you in jail if you can’t afford to pay. Contact Atlantic Bail Bonding, and a licensed bondsman will help get you out of jail fast. Our staff is available 24/7, including holidays, so we’re only a phone call away. For bail bonds from a local, trusted bail bond agency in Palm Springs, FL, call 561-659-0525 today! We serve entire Palm Springs, FL 33406, 33461.