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If you’ve been arrested for domestic violence, drug possession, or other charges, call Atlantic Bail Bonding for help! With over 30 years of experience in handling local bail bonds, you can count on us when you need it most. Call 561-659-0525 for bail bonds in Atlantis, FL today!

Bail Assistance When You Need It

No one wants to spend the night in jail. Enjoy the comfort of your own bed again with help from one of our licensed bail bondsman. The cost of an arrest and bail can quickly add up. Factor in the cost of a lawyer, court fees and other potential costs and you could pay more than $10,000 for a second degree misdemeanor. A felony bail will be much more expensive.

Bail prices are set by a bail commissioner or judge, usually within 48 hours of your arrest. The judge will consider many various factors when determining your cash bail. Your past criminal record, flight risk, danger to others, and other details matter in his decision. Most counties have a standard or set of guidelines for specific bail prices and their corresponding criminal charges. For example, attempted sexual battery in Miami-Dade County has a standard bail of $5,000. Depending on the individual circumstances and the judge’s discretion, the price could increase.

Even if you need thousands of dollars for bail, Atlantic Bail Bonding can help reduce your cost. Contact us today if you need misdemeanor or felony bail bonds for:

We’re Your Get Out Of Jail Card

Spending days or weeks in jail waiting for your court date can impose a serious financial burden on many people. Some cannot afford to miss work or might lose their job. Others have children or elderly to care for at home. No matter the situation, we all know that it’s better to be in your own bed rather than sleeping in a jail cell.

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