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If you or a loved one has been arrested in Miami, FL, call Atlantic Bail Bonding for 24/7 bail bonds! Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, our licensed bail bondsmen will help you get out of jail. Call 305-242-0005 for all types of misdemeanor and felony bail bonds in Miami, FL.

Don’t Spend Another Minute In Jail!

Getting arrested can put a serious hole in your pocket, with fines ranging from hundreds to several thousands of dollars. In addition, you’re likely incur various court fees, lawyer fees, missed work, increased car insurance rates, and more. If the judge lists your cash bail at a number you can’t afford, you don’t have to wait in the county jail for you court date. Let a bail bondsman from Atlantic Bail Bonding help you out!

We provide bail bonds for all types of crimes, from traffic violation bail bonds to felony bail bonds. Our licensed bail bond agency has provided services to countless people in Miami, FL for more than 30 years. We don’t discriminate based on the charges you’re facing. Our mission is to provide sincere, quality service when you need it most. Don’t spend more time in jail than you have to; call Atlantic Bail Bonding 24/7 for:

Cash bail prices can vary drastically, and they are often too much for people to afford on their own. After an arrest, a judge will determine your bail by looking at your criminal record, threat or danger to others, flight risk, and details from your arrest. Bail can cost as little as a few dollars to more than $1 million, depending on the circumstances.

The high cost of bail shouldn’t keep you in jail. Get in touch with an experienced, trusted bail bondsman at Atlantic Bail Bonding for assistance. We offer finance plans so you can pay your small percentage of the total bail with ease. No matter what crime you have been charged with, our staff with work swiftly to ensure your quick release. Give us a call at 305-242-0005 for bail bonds in Miami, FL today!