Expert Bail Bonds Agent in Cutler Bay, FL

bail bonds agent in cutler bayDo you need help paying for misdemeanor or felony bail? Contact Atlantic Bail Bonding for bail bond assistance. We provide 24/7 service for your convenience, and we do small and large bonds for all types of criminal charges. Call 305-242-0005 to get in touch with one of our experienced bail bondsmen.

Don’t Stay In Jail Another Day

Many people have trouble affording the price of bail. Although bail must be legally reasonable, the prices can still range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Different degrees of crimes incur different standard fines, but a bail commissioner or judge may make exceptions. He may set your bail higher or lower based on your criminal record, threat to others, flight risk, and more.

If your cash bail price is too much to afford, no need to worry. Arrest can really add up after you consider fines, court fees, the cost of an attorney, and other possible expenses. Don’t let your bail add another large sum of money to that list. Call your local, licensed bail agents at Atlantic Bail Bonding. We provide bonds for misdemeanor and felony bail, including:

A Bail Agency You Can Trust

Bail bondsmen can seem sketchy to some people, but the truth is that we are here to help. Many people who get arrested are not violent criminals, and many are wrongly charged. We are not here to judge you or your loved one based on an arrest. At Atlantic Bail Bonding, we want to help ease the financial burden or an arrest by helping you get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Don’t worry about scrambling to get cash in the middle of the night. For felony bail, you may need several thousand dollars to get out of jail. For a small percentage of that, a licensed bail bondsman can get you out quickly, without the hassle. Call 305-242-0005 for misdemeanor and felony bail bonds in Cutler Bay, FL today!