What Is an Indemnitor?

What Is an IndemnitorAn indemnitor is the individual who cosigns a bail bond. This cosigning is done in support of the defendant who is charged with a crime. Cosigning for a bail bond has significance in the context of the law as it makes the person legally and also financially responsible for ensuring the defendant shows up to court appearances and adheres to the directions of the court. Let’s take a closer look at what being an indemnitor really means.

The Role of the Indemnitor in the Context of Bail

As an indemnitor, you agree to take full responsibility for the bond’s face amount should the defendant not appear at his or her court hearing as scheduled. This financial responsibility entails the full premium along with additional fees tied to the bond. Also known as a cosigner, an indemnitor clearly takes on financial risk. There might even be collateral provided to obtain the bond in the first place. This means the indemnitor’s risk has the potential to extend to items of value such as a vehicle title or a property deed. However, as long as the defendant shows up to court and the case is completed, the indemnitor has fulfilled his or her responsibility, and the risk is eliminated.

Why the Indemnitor Is So Important

The indemnitor plays an important part in helping a family member or friend get out of jail. This cosigner of the bail bond essentially provides both a financial and legal guarantee that the defendant will show up to court. The indemnitor’s paying of the bondsman’s fee or putting forth valuable collateral sets the stage for the relative or friend to be freed from jail. In other words, the indemnitor ultimately determines if the defendant will be freed.

Keep in mind, some people charged with a crime cannot afford to pay the entirety of their bail or provide collateral to cover bail on their own. Consider being an indemnitor for your family member or friend who ends up in jail, and he or she will be indebted to you for years to come. As long as you are confident signing on behalf of the individual in question and believe that person will show up to court, you will have little risk in being his or her indemnitor.

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