Tips for Probation Success

Probation Success Probation represents an opportunity. Rather than stay in jail, those who receive probation for a crime conviction can keep their jobs and enjoy life with family. Of course, probation success comes with certain requirements. If you fail to maintain these requirements, you can expect a return to jail. To make the most of your opportunity while on probation, adhere closely to these tips.

Keep Your Appointments

Perhaps the number one requirement of probation success is to keep your various appointments and deadlines. While on probation, you will have an assigned officer to monitor your progress. Generally speaking, you will need to meet with this officer once a month. This represents your most important regular commitment, as it allows your officer to keep tabs on your life and progress. You will additionally have other deadlines, such as when you must have your fees paid, or when you must have completed community service. Keep all of these faithfully, and you will become a success at probation.

Don’t Break the Law

This should go without saying, but many probationers fail to realize what this completely entails. For certain convictions, behavior that otherwise may remain lawful, such as the consumption of alcohol or operation of a motor vehicle, become illegal. An important part of probation remains the adherence to all terms as outlined through the judge’s order. If you have the requirement to avoid alcohol, you can expect regular urinalysis to determine your adherence.

Pay Your Fines

Probation always comes with the requirement to pay regular fees and court-ordered fines. Your probation officer will also monitor whether you maintain regular employment. If you fail to maintain either of these responsibilities, you can expect eventual revocation of your probation, and a return to jail.

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