What Happens When a Friend or Family Members Skips Bail

What Happens When a Friend or Family Members Skips BailIf you have a family member or friend that you posted bail for, it is important to know what happens if they end up skipping bail. While it’s something we don’t like to imagine, it’s important to keep yourself informed and educated just in case.

Forfeit the Bond

What it means to forfeit the bond is that the amount of the bail bond is not refunded and the person who paid the bail has to pay the amount in full. While this might not seem fair, it is a consequence to not showing up to an assigned court date.

Continue to Face Criminal Charges

Just because a defendant doesn’t show up for their assigned court doesn’t mean they are off the hook. When a friend or family member skips bail, they will still be charged for the original crime.

Additional Charges Will Be Put Into Place

In addition to the original charge, the defendant will also be charged with jumping bail. In Florida, if a defendant skips bail on any misdemeanor charge, the court can charge the defendant with another first-degree misdemeanor. If a defendant skips bail on a felony charge in Florida, they will be charged with a third-degree felony.

A Limited Surety Agent Will Be Assigned To Find the Defendant

It is illegal for anyone in the state of Florida to call themselves a bounty hunter, but a limited surety agent or professional bail bondsman are able to find a defendant if they skipped bail.

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