What Happens When You Jump Bail

Jump Bail

An Arrest Warrant Will Get Issued Immediately for Jumped Bail.

A bail bond enables an individual accused of a crime to leave jail prior to their court date. Of course, this courtesy doesn’t come without some potent restrictions. First and foremost, the person out on bail must report to the court when told. If someone decides to jump bail and miss their court date, they can expect certain consequences.

Arrest Warrant

If the court date arrives and passes without the defendant’s appearance, an arrest warrant will get issued. When the authorities catch the defendant, he or she can expect a return to jail. This time, however, the likelihood of bail is very small.

Bail Forfeiture

To post bail with a bondsman requires the payment of 10 percent the total bail amount. If you jump bail, you not only lose this percentage, but become liable for the entire amount of bail. If you have a co-signer on your bond, that person also becomes responsible for the full amount.

Additional Charges

In many states, jumping bail is itself a crime. The punishments for this crime, which will vary from state-to-state, can get addressed as a separate sentence or fine. Aside from this new charge, a defendant can expect additional fines and/or prison time for the original charge.

Bail represents a special privilege. Instead of sitting in jail in anticipation of a court date, the defendant gets to return to work and family. Defendants who fail to respect this privilege can expect consequences. For any questions or requests for bail bonds in Florida, call Atlantic Bail Bonding at 866-588-2245 (LUV-BAIL).