How to Deal with Your Loved One’s Arrest

How to Deal with Your Loved One’s ArrestThe moment your friend or loved one can be a moment of pure panic. What should you do? Should you call someone? While an arrest is certainly a scary moment for you and your friend/family member, you should do your best to remain calm and obey the following advice.

By All Means, Stay Calm.

Your first instinct when your friend or loved one is under arrest may be to become panicked. While this is a natural reaction, you should  take a moment and calm down. If you are with your friend or loved one when they are placed under arrest, contain your frustration or anger. Being angry or confrontational with the arresting officer will not help at all. It could potentially mean arrest for you, and less help for your friend/loved one.

Get the Essential Information.

Once you’ve calmed down you need to gather some important information. If you plan on bailing your loved one out of jail then you need some essential information. You’ll need your friend or loved one’s full name, arrest date, arrest location and the time of the arrest as well. If you have trouble finding this information you should contact a local bail bondsman who can assist you.

Call a Bail Bondsman!

Calling a bail bondsman can make a huge difference for your friend or loved one. Jail is not a place that anyone wants to spend their time. Unless your loved one is being held for a capital offense, they are most likely eligible for bail. Bail isn’t cheap however, and the price of bail can vary widely depending on the crime your friend or family member is accused of committing. This is where an experienced bail bondsman can come in. A bail bondsman will pay a large percentage of the cash bail, and your loved one will agree to pay the rest as well as be contracted to obey a legal agreement.

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