Bail Bonds: 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds

About Bail BondsWe have heard the term bail bonds before in regards to jail, but a lot of people are unfamiliar with what they are, how they help you, and other terms connected to bail bonds. We know getting arrested or having a loved one getting arrested is stressful; knowing a few things about bail bonds can help alleviate some of your stress. Here are 3 frequently asked questions about bail bonds:

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is used to release someone from jail; a bail bond is a document stating that the defendant or surety (someone who take’s responsibility if the defendant cannot) pays a set amount to the court if the defendant fails to appear at their scheduled court date.

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

A bail amount is set by the county court where the defendant is jailed at. A lot of defendants don’t have the means to pay their own bail, so they turn to family, friends, or a bail bond agency to post bail. Whoever posted bail will be obligated to pay the bond amount, if the defendant does not make their court date.

How Much Do Bail Bonds Cost?

There are a few factors when setting the cost of the bond. It can depend on the defendant; if the person is likely to run or is a danger to their community, the bail might be higher. The type of crime also determines the amount. Misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes are a lower cost, whereas felony charges can be anywhere between $1,000-$50,000.

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